Sandalwood, both in its various wood forms and as an essential oil, finds versatile applications all over the world. Here are just some of them:

Natural cosmetics

A bath with fragrances and essential oils was already a popular way to improve health and promote well-being in ancient times. Indian sandalwood oil was considered to be especially beneficial and soothing and had already become a valuable and precious commodity in the same way as gold, silver, pearls and spices. The oil is particularly suitable for cosmetic products because of its known positive effect on the skin in facial cleansing,its useagainst blemishes and as a sunscreen.

As so often with remedies and prescription products, their limits are defined by regulatory requirements, dosages and claims. We have a lot ahead of us here.

Fragrances, perfumes & attar

Thanks to its seductive, woody aroma and outstanding carrier properties, Indian sandalwood oil is still found in high-quality perfumes and cosmetic products (creams, lotions, soaps, shampoos, lipsticks etc.). Volatile fragrances are first fixed and preserved by sandalwood oil.

It is said that since the end of the 18th century, almost one in two perfumes, including well-known classics, have been developed with a basis of sandalwood oil.

In recent years, scarcely any natural, sustainable, legal sandalwood has been found in perfumes due to the dwindling supply and associated export restrictions from India and sharply increasing prices.

Recently however, the first harvests from sustainable plantations in Australia along with high quality sandalwood oil have become available onthe world market.

Sandalwood oil is also popular in attars, the alcohol-free fragrances used in Middle East and Islamic countries.

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Well-being, yoga & meditation

In times when stress and the hustle and bustle of daily life rule our days, more and more people are (re) discovering sandalwood oil -in combination with yoga, for example. Together they can have the dual effect of relaxing and soothing body and soul.

The use of sandalwood as a fragrance, whether as incense sticks or as an evaporating oil, has been documented by Buddhist monks.

It is intended to intensify the connection with the celestial in meditation. We would be more than happy to give you ideas of how to use our oil.

Incense sticks are currently in the pipeline.


Aromatherapy using essential oils is an age-old way of alleviating illnesses and increasing general well-being. Sandalwood Album Oil is also used in aromatherapy and uses the natural antibodies of the sandalwood album tree.

In addition to working with physical complaints, the calming effect of Sandalwood Album Oil is also used in psychological disorders such as anxiety, pain, sleep disturbance and nausea. The world's largest supplier of essential oils is from the US andhas helped Sandalwood Album Oil, which has been available since 2014, gain new popularity. Sandalwood oil is also popular in Germany and Europe. We deliver it pureand in the highest quality.

Food flavouring

Flavourings are used in almost all areas of the food industry and today natural flavours are the in thing. Sandalwood has been approved as a flavouring and is used to refine tea, for example. And by the way, an Australian distillery is already producing the world's first sandalwood whisky. Our many product ideas are still looking for partners.

Naturopathy & medicine

IIndian sandalwood oil has been credited with healing benefits for millennia, especially in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. And conventional medicine has also scientifically proven it: Indian sandalwood is antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative, to list just a few.

We are expecting a renaissance of the use of sandalwood oil in naturopothy thanks to the new availability from our Australian plantations. The first drugs based on Sandalwood Album Oil could be approved in just a few years. More about this in the menu item ‘Effect’.

Animal Care & medicine

Dogs, cats and horses can also have dry or sensitive coats. About 15% of all dogs reportedly suffer from CAD (Canine Atopic Dermatitis). This skin irritation or itching can in some cases cause animals to scratch themselves until they bleed. A range of Sandalwood Album Oil based skin care products for dogs has already been produced in the US for its healing and soothing properties.

Many testimonials have shown that the grooming products have helped animals to feel better again -sandalwood oil has an itch-relieving effect and cares for the fur so that it looks fuller and shinier again. We would like to bring a product series to Germany and Europe.

Insect protection

Come home after a long day’s work and relax outside with a cool drink –until the peace is ruined by that annoying buzz: mosquito alert. They buzz around and cause unpleasant itching if they manage to bite. Sandalwood is a natural alternative for those who don’t want to use chemical mosquito repellent as mosquitoes can’t tolerate the scent of sandalwood oil.

Culture & religion

The cultural significance of Indian sandalwood for over one billion Hindus and Buddhists is reflected in its use in religious rituals and cultural ceremonies. Since it combines the earthly with the divine in the Hindu world of thought, the use of Indian sandalwood at important occasions such as weddings or funeralsis imperative. Incidentally, the first known Buddha sculpture built in the 6th century BC was carved out of fragrant sandalwood. In parts of the Middle East, smoking with sandalwood, so-calledgullies (heartwood logs) is a sign of special hospitality. Already available from us. In India alone, 500 million incense sticks are burnt during prayers every day. Sandalwood takes pride of place but is barely available or affordable.

Arts & crafts

A very special cultural use of sandalwood is that of high quality furniture. This has a long tradition, especially in China -there is even a sandalwood museum in Beijing. High prices for antique sandalwood furniture are still being paid today with elaborate carvings and sculptures, fans, pots and chess boards being traded as expensive luxury items. In the Middle East, luxury cars may pass you by with interiors done out insandalwood. We continually receive enquiries from interested parties wanting to buy sandalwood to create high quality musical instruments, for example. It’s a wide field.


Another cultural tradition is the wearing of sandalwood as body jewellery, especially arm bracelets. It is said that the positive aura of sandalwood passes to the wearer. Sustainable Sandalwood album is already used in high-quality jewellery design as fragrant wooden beads. An exquisite new trend. We already offer high-quality pearls today.